Puff 'N Stuff

We offer a comprehensive range:


Puff 'N Stuff

Zippo Lighters are popular worldwide for their variety and excellence. We stock these metal and refillable fillers for you.

Flints & Wicks

Zippo Wicks and Flints are recommended for the optimal performance of Zippo lighters. We provide you with the right wicks and flints to be used with Zippo lighters.

Butane Gas & Lighter Fluid

We stock high-performing gas/fluids for your lighters such as Ronson, Ventti, Newport, London gas and Zippo Fluid.

Pipes including Peterson, Falcon, and Dr Plum

Peterson, a Dublin based manufacturer of pipes etc, produce exceptional quality pipes that are suitable for all. Falcon, based in Britain is a long-standing manufacturer of pipes and has more than 40,000,000 in circulation. Dr. Plum of London has been manufacturing convenient and highly functional pipes for over two centuries. Come to us for a list of the best brands.

Tins, Pouches & Rolling Machines

Tobacco tins, pouches and rolling machines are popular among people with a need for such useful items. We serve as a one-stop shop for all these items of interest and more.

Vaping Equipment & Liquids

We offer a large range of vaping equipment and liquids., from SMOK, Aspire to Crafty, Triumph and much more. Check out all our stock in store for more information.